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Where are you on the divorce journey?

Updated: Oct 16, 2022

Where are you on the roadmap from devastation to transformation? Divorce recovery is a journey. We all start at the beginning… just trying to survive. Here is a look at the stages. The path is not always straight, and you might stay longer in one stage than another...but eventually you will find your way. If you feel stuck, consider talking it through a therapist or coach.

STAGE 1: SURVIVING – Devastation, despair, numbness, distrust, powerlessness, fear, panic, self-doubt…shame can lead to paralysis. You might feel stuck in hopelessness

STAGE 2: ANGER - At your soon-to-be-ex, at the situation, at the court system, and maybe at God. Emotionally and physically drained. You might feel like it would be easier to just go back to the life you had, no matter how horrific.

STAGE 3: SADNESS – Depression, pain, bitterness, mourning, grief. It is important to seek professional help in this stage if the depression takes over.

STAGE 4: SEEKING – This is the beginning of the upward movement. Growth and learning begin. Books, peer groups, podcasts play a role. Self-care returns. You are looking for answers and for people who have been on this journey before you.

STAGE 5: ACCEPTANCE and ACTION – No longer trying to go back to the way things were. Inner knowing that life won’t be perfect, but you can figure out the rest. Strength and power are returning. You are starting to plan your new life and are eager to see how things will work out.

STAGE 6: SHIFTING – Internal shifts are happening. You realize that you don’t need someone else to make you happy. You are learning what it means to love yourself.

STAGE 7: THRIVING – Freedom! You are proud of yourself, your recovery and the woman you have become. You know you are going to make it no matter what comes your way next.

If you're struggling to manage a divorce, and don't want to do it ALONE anymore, I invite you to apply for a (free) Divorce Coaching Intro below for a schedule.

By Rebecca Wolf

Divorce Recovery Coach

Certified Life Coach

Founder of Her Divorce Project

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