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How to leave divorce in the past...

Updated: Jul 21

I'm so glad that you landed here... This is not an accident.

I know you're didn't know that life was going to get this hard. I've been through it need some divorce relief and some HOPE!

Just click the button below to receive your free guide to divorce recovery from Rebecca Wolf and Her Divorce Project.

This is the tool I wish I'd had when I was going though my own divorce.

I want you to know...It's 100% possible to put your divorce in the rear view mirror and fall in love with your life, again.

I'm Rebecca Wolf, Certified Coach, Divorce Recovery Strategist, and founder of Her Divorce Project. I've been where you are today.

If you want to uncover the obstacles that are keeping you from moving on and discover the value of private coaching in your comeback from divorce, use the pink button to book your free Before & After consult session. I work with women who can't stand to suffer for one more day and are REALLY READY to do the work it takes to move on and create an amazing future.

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