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How to Create Comfort...Because Divorce is Really Hard (The DIY Self-Care Tool-Kit)

Updated: Feb 2

I know how lonely and overwhelming divorce is.

I've been there, too.

One of the best things I've done to heal, is create a self-care tool-kit that soothes the soul and comforts the spirit.

And now I'm sharing inspiration and instructions to DIY (do-it-yourself) in:

Your DIY Self-Care Tool-Kit a (tiny.divorce.course)

This is just for sisters on the road to divorce recovery.

In this first tiny.divorce.course, you'll:

♥️ Learn…to create the most effective tool I know for overcoming the emotional storms that pop up throughout the divorce journey.

♥️ Discover… 3 Keys to Divorce Recovery, and how to implement them as you assemble your tool kit.

♥️ Design…a beautiful, personalized tool-box as a special gift of love to yourself.

♥️ Send love forward…to the woman you are becoming. You deserve your own love!

Your course includes:

  • A 20-min video training with complete instructions for creating and customizing your kit to bring real self-care into your life (we don’t mean bubble baths and bonbons)

  • A printable Project Guide: step-by-step tutorial to plan, assemble, and complete your project. You'll get the self-love flowing instantly!

  • PLUS journaling prompts, printables, and idea lists so you can personalize and customize your tools to your own needs and desires

  • BONUS Coaching Tool from The Divorce Project: The Self Care 88...even more ways to honor your journey and fill your life with soothing moments and loving gestures

Show yourself some ♥️ deserve it!

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