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A Gift of Self-Care: DIY Project Plan

Updated: May 17

I know how lonely and overwhelming divorce is, especially on weekends, birthdays, holidays and anniversaries....sometimes every day.

I've been there, too.

The best things I did to encourage my healing: create a self-care tool box.

You'll fill your homemade kit with comfort for the spirit and soothing for the time when you need it most.

Within this exclusive workbook, you'll find inspiration (and complete instructions) to create your own tool collection. You can start cultivating peace and comfort in your heart right!

DIY Project Plan: Divorce Self-Care Tool Box a (tiny.divorce.project)

This is just for sister on the road to divorce recovery.

Inside this (downloadable) 40 page workbook is everything you need to:

♥️ Create...the most effective tool for overcoming the emotional storms that pop-up throughout the divorce journey.

♥️ Curate…a beautiful, personalized collection as a special gift of love to yourself.

♥️ Send love forward…to the woman you are becoming. You deserve your own love!

Your Workbook includes:

  • Complete instructions for creating and customizing a toolbox to bring real self-care into your life (we don’t mean bubble baths and bonbons)

  • A printable Project Guide: step-by-step tutorial for planning, assembling, and containing your project. You'll get the self-love flowing instantly!

  • PLUS journaling prompts, printables, and idea lists so you can personalize and collect the exact tools to meet your own needs during your unique divorce journey.

Show yourself some ♥️ deserve it!


Just click above to order your DIY Project Plan: Divorce Self-Care Toolbox delivered directly to your email address.

(It's only $17)


Rebecca Wolf

Founder of Her Divorce Project | Divorce Recovery Strategist | Certified Life Coach

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