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6 Steps: Love Yourself After Divorce

Updated: Jan 11

Self-love is an action.

It’s a habit.

It’s the process of cultivating behaviors and attitudes that result in feelings of worthiness, peace, acceptance, satisfaction and happiness.

Oftentimes, during divorce, self-love falls by the wayside.

Sometimes, it never existed.

A lack of self-love could be exactly what resulted in a bad marriage.

What would it feel like to love yourself…or rekindle the love that you used to have for yourself?

You can grow self-love with practice.

Here are 6 simple (but not easy) steps you can take to start creating a habit of self-love:

STEP 1: Embrace all your emotions…be willing to feel them with your whole being and not stuff them down or numb them. Emotions give you valuable intel about yourself.

STEP 2: Shift your attitude. Commit to being open and learning about your feelings and emotions. They are guiding you to self-knowledge and self-love…but you have to listen.

STEP 3: Explore your beliefs and search for ways that they may be limiting you or holding you back. Questioning yourself will help you get in touch with your intuition.

STEP 4: Talk to yourself. Ask yourself: what you need now? What can I do to show myself love? What do I need to hear? Journaling often helps to capture your heart’s response.

STEP 5: Take action on your learnings from Step 4…slowly…one at a time. Remember that “love” is a verb.

STEP 6: Review. Did your action move you in the direction of love and healing? If it did, continue that action. If it didn’t, go back and repeat the steps until you uncover the truths that will heal your heart and nurture your soul.

Loving yourself is the key to connecting with others in healthy and loving ways.

Learning and practicing self-love is the most important habit you can create.

After all, the only person that ALWAYS be there is…YOU.

You have lifetime together so, spend it in love.

If you're struggling to manage a divorce, and don't want to do it ALONE anymore, I invite you to apply for a (free) Divorce Coaching Intro below for a schedule.

By Rebecca Wolf

Divorce Coach

Certified Life Coach

Founder of Her Divorce Project

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