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5 Tips to Get You Through the Month of Love

Updated: Feb 11

Valentine's Day...a clear reminder that everything has changed.

No gushy love notes, no date night, no roses & chocolate.

No passion, intimacy, or sweet caresses.

February is rough. Divorce is hard

If you're feeling bitter and mad at the world, that's completely normal. It could help to have a plan for Feb 14:

Here are 5 Tips to help you get ready for Valentine's Day and get through it without a meltdown:

1. Schedule some volunteer, time do some hard core cardio, clean out a drawer or a whole room, etc. Throw yourself into a project or create your own self-care toolbox: CLICK HERE to download >> DIY Project Plan: Divorce Self-Care Tool Box

2. Self care, self care, self care: buy yourself flowers or candy (I love Dove Promises because there is a sweet love note inside each wrapper), watch your favorite movie, shower your pet with affection, be creative…anything that brings you a few moments of joy and peace. Write a love letter to yourself.

3. Connect with friends who are alone, too...or plan a date night with yourself and order-in from your favorite spot.

4. Focus on your kids: make cards, bake cupcakes, write to them in a special love note. Have an at home celebration with heart shaped pizza.

5. STAY OFF SOCIAL MEDIA! You don't need to scroll through all those pictures of your friends being "lovey" with their partners...and you don't need to go down the "rabbit hole" of resentment and dissatisfaction in your FaceBook groups for divorcees. Look at this instead >> CLICK HERE to read 6 STEPS to LOVE YOURSELF (after divorce)

Focus on yourself this month! Do all the things that you wish your former partner had done for you. Love yourself!


If you're struggling to love yourself thorough your divorce and into your new future, book a complimentary Divorce Coaching Intro Session. We'll talk about your unique divorce journey, where you're getting stuck, and decide if one of my coaching programs would be a perfect for you.

This call could be the one that changes your life! What are you waiting the button below to book.

By Rebecca Wolf

Divorce Coach

Certified Life Coach

Founder of Her Divorce Project and The Divorce Project

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