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5 Strategies: Your Holiday Divorce Plan

Updated: Dec 3, 2022

The holiday season is going to be different now. The first year into a divorce is especially tough. You're probably experiencing grief and stress, but, remember that doesn’t mean that you can’t also experience joy and love during this season.

These 5 strategies will help make the holiday season a bit less stressful and a little more peaceful while you are going through a divorce:

1. Don’t overcommit. You’re allowed to decline invitations. You can change your mind. You have permission to do what works for you this year. (No, you’re not obligated to attend a gathering that includes your former partner, nor should you include him in your own gathering…even “for the kids.”)

2. Drop the perfectionism. Don’t compare…with last year, with neighbors, with FB friends or with Pinterest. Remember that social media posts hardly ever represent the actual situation and feelings involved. Do not overspend in an effort to out-buy your former partner. (You'll regret it in January.)

3. Communicate with your lawyer early. If you need to gather any documents or make any legal decisions…get it done and then TAKE A BREAK! Your lawyer is going to be taking a break, too. No amount of extra work or research will speed things along.

4. Give yourself the gift of self-care. Schedule in down-time. Buy yourself a small luxury item. Show yourself love by taking a rest or a walk. Search for ways to start new holiday traditions or tweak the old ones to fit your new life. Ask yourself what you need and do your best to honor your own wishes. CLICK HERE to download Divorce Self-Care Tool Box: DIY Project Plan - a 40 page workbook by Rebecca Wolf.

5. Form a support team. Don’t discuss your divorce at holiday events, and don’t over-burden your friends and family just because you’ll be seeing them more often. If you don’t have a safe way to vent and problem solve, now is a great time to get some support and extra TLC from a professional who knowns exactly what you’re going through.

If you're struggling to manage a divorce, and don't want to do it ALONE anymore, I invite you to apply for a (free) Divorce Coaching Intro below for a schedule.

By Rebecca Wolf

Divorce Recovery Coach

Certified Life Coach

Founder of Her Divorce Project

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