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leave divorce in the past...
fall in love with life.

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During this session, we'll dig in privately, in a safe and compassionate space, to figure out where you are on your unique divorce journey. 

We'll think about where you want to go from here and look at the roadblocks that may be getting in your way.  

You will leave the call with a sense of clarity, a plan to move forward and an understanding of your personal "next-step".  

If it makes sense, we'll talk about my coaching practice and how I can help you fall back in love with your life.


I see you:  the one who's hanging on by a thread, the one who's weary beyond words, the one who feels empty…and all the others who aren't sure how to make it through the day.  You're in the midst of a divorce that may or may not have been your choice or your fault.  You could be scared, embarrassed, and sad…frantic, confused, and angry.  You might not even be able to say the word “divorce” yet.  Maybe you haven’t found a way to tell your friends and family what’s happening in your relationship.  You feel alone and isolated.


Or…maybe the initial shock is behind you and you're numb.  Are you trying to keep all the plates spinning and pretend everything is OK?  Are you living your days like a robot, just going through the motions with no direction?  Maybe you're stuck and overwhelmed and you can’t move forward.  Or you keep trying to make changes and it just isn’t working.


Are you afraid that you'll never be happy again or that you don’t really know what it feels like to be happy?


I’ve walked (and stumbled, and fallen down) in those shoes.  You are not alone.



Rebecca Wolf

Divorce Recovery Strategist | Certified Life Coach

I am a Certified Life Coach specializing in divorce recovery, and the founder of Her Divorce Project on FaceBook and The Divorce Project programming.  I’m not a therapist, advocate, lawyer, or financial advisor. 




I’ve been on the divorce journey personally, through the deep heartbreak, grief, loss and despair.  And I’ve been on the divorce journey over and over with my friends, family and clients.

Are you ready to BEGIN?

My job is to help you untangle the chaos in life that results from divorce and partner with you to find your way up and out.  We'll work together to establish the unique set of tools with which you'll clear the path to your new life.  I'll teach you how to use them and we'll practice applying them.  You are going to make yourself so proud!

No two divorces are the same.  Let’s talk about yours.

when you're in a dark place,
you think you've been buried.  
What if you've been planted?


"Rebecca has the incredible combination of intuition, compassion, strong communication skills and knowledge.  As one who walked with her through her own divorce process, I can attest that she was courageous in facing loss while protecting herself and children.  She investigated every possibility and has a strong sense of knowing what is right for her and now what can most help her clients.  She knows divorce in the financial, emotional and practical sense like no one else I know!”

“Rebecca is deeply compassionate and committed to coaching [clients] to problem solve around challenges they face in all phases of divorce. Having been through the difficulties of divorce herself, and at the same time having the good sense to know that every situation is unique, [she] focuses on listening, validating, and motivating clients to action.”

Karen Moon, LCSW

Julia M.

“Rebecca is an incredible human and compassionate divorce coach. She's turned her own divorce experience into a program coaching other divorcing and divorced [individuals] with her wisdom and practical guidance. As a woman who has navigated 2 divorces myself and is now thriving in my life and relationship, I highly recommend Rebecca to help guide you through your divorce journey."

"Private divorce coaching (and life coaching for that matter) with Rebecca Wolf has been an extremely positive experience.  The divorce process is a daunting one, so having someone by my side through it all has helped me break it down into manageable pieces.  When I came to Rebecca, I was confused, anxious and overwhelmed with my divorce.  Rebecca was the guide I needed.  She is encouraging and motivating which has gone a long way in improving my outlook on the future.  I felt comfortable expressing my feelings and thoughts, which was very important to me.  We met once a week, and it was always reassuring to look at the progress I was making on the goals we developed together.  My only hesitation in enrolling was the cost, but it was well worth it in the end.  I highly recommend coaching with Rebecca!

Maritza Parra

Matt B.

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